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Episode 19

Anita Rajendra

La Belle Bump & Mina and Vine

Anita Rajendra is a passionate entrepreneur.  She is the Founder and CEO of La Belle Bump, as well as the Co-Founder and CEO of Mina & Vine.  La Belle Bump is a service business that rents maternity and nursing clothes. Mina & Vine is a complimentary product business, introducing a patent-pending nursing scarf.

Prior to launching these businesses, Anita was a marketing leader with consumer marketing experience at Fortune 500 Companies. She held strong track records of generating successful results through planning, leading, inspiring, and taking initiative in the full scope of marketing executions.  She has been recognized as highly ambitious, people-oriented, and quality conscious.

Among her talent as an entrepreneur, she is skilled with digital/interactive marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, strategic & tactical brand marketing, media planning, agency & partner relationships, and promotions.

During this episode, Anita shares three entrepreneurial tips: (i) stop talking and start doing, (ii) done is better than perfect, and (iii) network even when you do not need anything.  

Learn more about Anita, La Belle Bump, and Mina and Vine:

Website: La Belle Bump / Mina and Vine

LinkedIn:  Anita Rajendra / La Belle Bump / Mina and Vine

Instagram: La Belle Bump / Mina and Vine

Facebook: La Belle Bump / Mina and Vine

Twitter: La Belle Bump / Mina and Vine

Pintrest: La Belle Bump







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