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Episode 30

Brian Johnson

City Manager of Peachtree Corners, GA

Brian Johnson is the City Manager of Peachtree Corners, Georgia.  Before becoming a City Manager, Brian was an infantry officer.  His military career is expansive and impressive.  A small part of that career provided him the push to become a City Manager.  As an infantry officer involved in the invasion of Iraq, Brian was assigned responsibility for restarting the municipal services of a suburb of Baghdad.  This experience provided him inspiration for his post-military career.

Peachtree Corners has received international attention for its involvement in promoting business, particularly technology-based businesses.  Curiosity Lab and its related ecosystem provide businesses of all sizes the opportunity to use infrastructure installed and paid for by the city to develop and innovate products.  This opportunity can provide substantial savings to businesses, as businesses frequently have to pay for access to similar infrastructure.

Where you select to do business matters.  Peachtree Corners has done a great job of becoming a business magnet.

Learn more about Brian and Peachtree Corners:

Website: Peachtree Corners

LinkedIn: Brian Johnson 

Instagram: Peachtree Corners







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