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Episode 12

Doug Jackson

Co-Founder – Shared Vision

Doug Jackson is the co-founder of Shared Vision, an advertising agency with offices in both Atlanta, GA and St. Petersburg, FL.   Shared Vision is industry-agnostic and size-agnostic, providing services to start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.  Several of its clients are household names, such as Smirnoff, Delta Airlines, Diageo, and Hard Rock.

Before becoming a provider of advertising services, Doug was a consumer of those services as an entrepreneur in the technology space.  His former company grew from its founding group of 10 to over 1100 employees at the time it was sold. 

Fourteen years ago, taking his experience as a consumer of advertising services, Doug partnered with his co-founder, Michelle Tannu, to form Shared Vision.  Focused on the client-experience and the employee-experience, Shared Vision has built a culture that has resulted in very low employee and customer attrition.  

During this episode, Doug shares his entrepreneurial tips: don’t be afraid to suck and surround yourself with great people.

Learn more about Doug Jackson and Shared Vision:

Website: Shared Vision

LinkedIn:  Doug Jackson / Shared Vision

Twitter:  Doug Jackson / Shared Vision

Instagram: Shared Vision







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