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Episode 3

Gabrielle Mills / Sourced 

Gabrielle Mills is the Co-Founder of Sourced, based in Peachtree Corners,  Georgia.

In this episode, we learn about Gabrielle, Sourced, and what motivates her to succeed.  In addition, Gabrielle shares with us her entrepreneurial tip: Understanding that your identity as an person is not tied to your business.

More about Sourced – Sourced is an award-winning business with the goal of  being the reason clients have more time.  Sourced’s services include marketing, bookkeeping, office assistance, and placement.   Gabrielle has been quoted regarding the purpose of Sourced to say:

“We wanted to create a business that provided impactful, valuable support for businesses, meeting them where they are, helping them scale where they want to be, and not putting them into a box.  We support businesses by giving them flexible options to grow their business in a way that makes sense for them.”












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