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Episode 31

Jason Dees

Deesco Fire Protection

Jason Dees is the President and Owner of Deesco Fire Protection.   With many years of experience in various aspects of the industry, Jason decided he wanted something more.  That drive pushed him to become an entrepreneur. 

Jason is a strong advocate for considering trades as an alternative to college.  He recognizes every person has their own path and that people should not shy away from that path because it is not what others are promoting. 

Jason is a driven individual with a desire to continue to scale his already-successful business.  During this episode, Jason offers several entrepreneurial tips: (1) do what you say you are going to do and when you say you are going to do it, (2) don’t overpromise and underperform, (3) recognize that a lot of times the obstacle is the way, and (4) understand and manage your financials.

Learn more about Jason and Deesco Fire Protection:

Website:  Deesco Fire Protection

LinkedIn: Jason Dees

Instagram: Deesco Fire Protection

Facebook: Deesco Fire Protection







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