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Episode 20

Joanne Hayes

Simply Buckhead Magazine

Joanne Hayes is a 25-year veteran of the publishing industry, having worked for 12 years as an Account Executive for an award-winning Journal Register Company newspaper group, Southern Rhode Island Newspapers, and 3 years as the Marketing Director of SO Rhode Island, a publication of the award-winning magazine company Providence Media, prior to her move to Atlanta in 2009.

Simply Buckhead Magazine was conceived by her company, ValueStream Media Group, and began publication in 2010, with Joanne at the helm as Publisher and Founder.  The publication quickly became the “must-read” publication for people who live, work, shop, dine, entertain, travel, have families, homes, and pets and participate in philanthropic efforts, and has literally been read online all over the world.  

ValueStream Media Group is a media partner and sponsor to CURE Childhood Cancer, No Kid Hungry, Bert’s Big Adventure, Atlanta Community Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, The Nsoro Foundation and Joanne serves as a Board Member for the Doggies on the Catwalk Foundation.

During this episode, Joanne shares her  entrepreneurial tip: seek out a mentor that can help you identify your gifts. 

Learn more about Joanne and Simply Buckhead Magazine:

Website: Simply Buckhead

LinkedIn: Joanne Hayes / Simply Buckhead

Instagram: Simply Buckhead

Facebook: Simply Buckhead

Twitter: Simply Buckhead







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