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Episode 23

Joe Perrone

Free Time Expert

Joe Perrone has been the owner of an auto body repair business in Connecticut for over 20 years.  Through his entrepreneurial journey, he has learned that being busy is not a badge of honor, and that not setting aside free time is detrimental to both your business and your health.

Having experienced firsthand the price for not having free time, Joe has refocused his approach to business and life.  He now places a premium on free time and the benefits derived therefrom.  Having experienced the detriments and rewards of setting aside free time, Joe wants to share how to take control of your time.  As a professional coach, Joe helps his clients transition from being overcommitted to being committed to the right things to become the CEO of their own lives.

Learn more about Joe and his free time expertise:

Website: Joe Perrone’s Coaching Website

LinkedIn:  Joe Perrone

Instagram: Joe Perrone

Facebook:  Time Freedom Warriors

YouTube: Joe Perrone







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