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Episode 6

Joel Manby

Former CEO – Author of Love Works.

Joel Manby is the former CEO of Saab Automobile USA, Herschend Enterprises (during which he appeared on CBS’s Undercover Boss), and SeaWorld.  In addition, Joel is the author of Love Works.  Through his journey as a corporate leader, particularly through the experiences he gained at Herschend Enterprises, he discovered how framing leadership through agape love is the key to success. 

In this episode, we learn about Joel’s journey from his childhood in Battle Creek, Michigan through his tenures as CEO of Saab, Herschend, and SeaWorld.  We discuss the concept of agape love (also known as servant leadership), and how he has used this principle to guide his leadership style.  In addition, he shares his entrepreneurial tip: In a crisis, although potentially counterintuitive, double down on love. 

In Love Works, Joel shares his stories, both of his successes and his struggles.  In addition, he discusses how leading through agape love can change corporate culture and have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.  The book is real, inspiring, and, at times, raw.  I found Love Works easy to read, practical, and enjoyable. 

You can learn more about Joel Manby and order a copy of his book, Love Works, at

 Follow Joel on Instagram: @joalmanby_official









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