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Episode 8

John Miles

CEO – Miles Mediation & Arbitration

After spending a decade litigating in the courtroom, John Miles often found litigation too expensive, too time-consuming, and not in the best interests of clients. To provide a better way to resolve disputes, he formed Miles Mediation & Arbitration Services, LLC in 2000. Today with offices in Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte, and with more on the way, his company offers ADR services to attorneys and corporations nationwide.  In addition, Miles Mediation & Arbitration has been named the best ADR firm in Georgia for the last six years. 

In this episode, we discuss John’s journey from litigating insurance defense cases through the building and growing of one of the country’s premier alternative dispute resolution firms.  John shares the evolution of his company, how the ADR market has expanded, and a few entrepreneurial tips: (1) every entrepreneur must possess the power of optimism, and (2) growth requires putting the right people in the right roles and then allowing them to do their jobs.

You can learn more about John and Miles Mediation & Arbitration at:

Website: Miles Mediation & Arbitration

Twitter: @MilesMediation

LinkedIn:  John Miles / Miles Mediation & Arbitration

Instagram: miles_adr

Facebook: Miles Mediation & Arbitration








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