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Episode 29

Judith Winfrey

Love Is Love Farm

Judith Winfrey is a serial entrepreneur in the food industry.  She and her husband started Love Is Love Farm over 13 years ago.  First farming on a small plot of land owned by someone else, her farm has recently experienced a substantial expansion and now includes many acres of its own land.

Judith has been involved in several aspects of the food industry, including as COO of a restaurant chain.  She is also one of the co-founders of Small Bites Adventure Club, which was featured on Episode 24 during my interview with co-founder Erin Croom.  In addition, Judith has been featured by the New York Times for her work as a food activist.

In this episode, Judith shared an entrepreneurial tip: Keep your eyes on what you want to achieve and do not be distracted by things that are not a real concern.

Learn more about Judith and Love Is Love Farm:

Website:  Love Is Love Farm

LinkedIn: Judith Winfrey

Facebook: Love Is Love Farm

Instagram: Love Is Love Farm







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