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Episode 22

Karen Rands

The Compassionate Capitalist

Karen Rands formed the Compassionate Capitalist Movement to fund innovation, create jobs, and create wealth for entrepreneurs and investors.  From her perspective, the greatest wealth, generational wealth, comes from growing a successful business or from investing in successful businesses.

Karen uses her 20+ years of experience coaching entrepreneurs and working with investors to speak about compassionate capitalism and the economic impact of entrepreneur / investor ecosystems.   She is the author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, a best-selling book on how to invest in entrepreneurs so that people can create wealth and share in the success of entrepreneurs without all the risks.  In addition, Karen is the podcast host of the Compassionate Capitalist Show. 

In this episode, we discuss Karen’s journey from corporate America, to learning about angel investing, to educating others about angel investing.  In addition, Karen shares her entrepreneurial tip: do a business plan to answer the question “is it worth it?”

Learn more about Karen and her Compassionate Capitalist movement:

Website: Kugarand Capital Holdings / The Compassionate Capitalist Show

LinkedIn: Karen Rands

Instagram: Karen Rands

Facebook: Karen Rands

Twitter: Karen Rands 

YouTube: The Compassionate Capitalist Movement

Book: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing







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