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Episode 25

Meredith Bell

Performance Support Systems, Inc.

Meredith Bell has been an entrepreneur since 1982.  In her first business as a consultant and trainer, she conducted hundreds of programs for leaders and the members of their teams to help them communicate and work together more effectively.

As Co-Founder and President of Performance Support Systems since 1991, Meredith has personally worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants and coaches.  She understands what is required to build the loyalty and commitment that lead to repeat business and referrals, and has developed tools to help obtain and analyze client feedback and to develop the implementation of skills learned through leadership programs.

Meredith knows communication is key to all relationships.  She has co-authored a book on this topic: Connect with Your Team – Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills.  In addition, she is the host of a podcast known as Strong for Performance.

In this episode, Meredith shares her entrepreneurial tips: (i) lighten up and don’t take things and yourself so seriously, and (ii) learn to turn adversity into opportunity.

Learn more about Meredith:

Website: Strong for Performance; Meredith Bell

LinkedIn: Meredith Bell

Facebook: Meredith Bell

Twitter: Meredith Bell

Podcast: Strong for Performance

Book: Connect with Your Team – Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills







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