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Episode 11

Michelle Enjoli Beato

Founder – Connect

Michelle Enjoli Beato is a bilingual keynote speaker and career and leadership mentor who has spent her entire career connecting people and ideas through the art of storytelling, travel, and a hot cup of coffee!

Michelle has a passion for human interest stories and professional development.  She has translated these into a career in television broadcasting, public relations, event management, digital marketing, mentoring and public speaking.

During this episode, Michelle discusses her path from her dream job in television (which she landed as a college student) to her move from New York to Atlanta with Mercedes-Benz USA.  She also discusses her work with Delta Airlines and the formation of her own business, Connect.  She continues to work with television networks, entrepreneurs, and global brands with a staff of 5 to an employee count of 80,000 plus.

In addition, she was recently selected as one of twelve inaugural speakers for TEDx in Southampton, England.  There were over 100 applicants, and Michelle is one of only two Americans to be selected.  

During this episode, Michelle shares her entrepreneurial tip: recognize that every piece of adversity will be useful in some way.

Learn more about Michelle and Connect:

Website: Connect

LinkedIn:  Michelle Enjoli Beato

Instagram: @michelleenjoli







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