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Episode 9

Nadia Bilchik

President – Greater Impact Communication

Nadia Bilchik is an internationally renowned television personality, communication and professional development training expert, author, and keynote speaker.  She has anchored and hosted feature programs for CNN International, CNN Airport Network, MNet Television (South Africa), and has reported for CNN Weekend. Nadia was formerly Editorial Producer for CNN’s Weekend Morning program.

Nadia’s dynamic, entertaining, and substantive approach to communication skills training, comes from her extensive experience in conducting training workshops, coaching business professionals and delivering keynote addresses to a broad range of audiences both in the USA and globally, as well as interviewing high-profile figures, celebrities and corporate leaders. Among others, she has interviewed President Nelson Mandela, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, and George Clooney.

Nadia’s clients include: The Coca-Cola Company, Samsung, Porsche, Home Depot Corporation, Georgia Tech, Starbucks, ESPN, Hudson Bay Company, Turner Broadcasting – CNN, TruTV, Cartoon Network, INPO, Accenture, Commercial Real Estate Women’s “CREW”, affiliates nationally, Jamestown LP, Arnall Golden Gregory, Lathams, MSL Group, North Easter University, The Women’s Food Service Forum, ERC Worldwide – Corporate Relocation Specialists, and Network of Executive Women “NEW”. 

In this episode, we discuss Nadia’s journey from South Africa to Atlanta, as well as from television to keynote speaker, trainer, and author.  Nadia shares stories about her experiences in journalism and entrepreneurialism as the President of Greater Impact Communication.  In addition, she shares several entrepreneurial tips, including: (1) build a foundation and (2) be consistent.

You can learn more about Nadia and Greater Impact Communication:

Website: Nadia Speaks

Twitter: @nadiabilchik

LinkedIn: Nadia Bilchik

Instagram: nadiabilchik

Facebook: @NadiaBilchikOfficial

YouTube: Nadia Bilchik

TEDxEmory: Own Your Confidence








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