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Episode 4

Paula Canaday-Daeke / Fiscally Balanced, LLC 

Paula Canaday-Daeke is the Founder of Fiscally Balanced, LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

In this episode, we learn about Paula, Fiscally Balanced, and AADMM.  In addition, Paula shares with us two entrepreneurial tips: (i) set up QuickBooks before your business goes live and (ii) understand the amount of time it will take to run your business.

After spending many years in corporate America, Paula decided to follow her lifetime passion of helping others master their personal money matters.  As a result, Fiscally Balanced, LLC was formed.  Paula gains great satisfaction from teaching and equipping others with skills for strong and responsible money practices.  Additionally, Paula is available to step in and take over daily financial management for those who do not have the time or interest to handle these issues on their own.  Organization, analysis, and planning are among Paula’s strengths.  Whether you are seeking additional financial education or you are looking for someone to handle the management of your daily financial matters, Fiscally Balanced, LLC is available to help get your financial matters in order and maintain those matters moving forward.   










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