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Episode 26

Pete Kane

Digital Growth ATL

Pete Kane has always loved marketing.  He has been involved in digital marketing since Facebook’s infancy and is a proven digital marketing expert.  His business, Digital Growth ATL, focuses on digital marketing and online reputation management.  Pete understands it can be overwhelming to find customers online, but he also knows those customers are out there and the best ways to reach them.

In this episode, Pete shares his entrepreneurial tip: FOCUS.  Focus on your business, the 80/20 rule, and on what parts of your business you should be working on versus those you should be outsourcing.

Pete has generously provided a gift to the first ten listeners that reach out through the link below.  Take advantage of this free production of a review commercial video for your business by visiting:

Learn more about Pete and Digital Growth ATL:

Website: Digital Growth ATL

LinkedIn: Pete Kane   /   Digital Growth ATL

Facebook: Digital Growth ATL

Twitter: Digital Growth ALT

Instagram:  Pete Kane

YouTube: Digital Growth ATL







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