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Episode 5

Rich Casanova

The Pro Business Channel / Global Podcast Studios 

Rich Casanova is the Co-Founder of the Pro Business Channel and Global Podcast Studios, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

In this episode, we learn about Rich and his two podcast-related businesses.  In addition, Rich shares with us his entrepreneurial tip: Don’t wait for perfection to take action.

Rich began his broadcasting career in California at KSKS-FM.  Rich got the radio bug early in his career, which later prompted the formation of the Pro Business Channel where he is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer.  The Pro Business Channel produced Planning Successfully, a podcast series I previously hosted.

Within the first 18 months of launching the Pro Business Channel, the network generated over 750,000 downloads.  Due to Rich’s success, many sought his advice to begin their own podcasts.  Moving with the market, Rich formed Global Podcast Studios (“GPS”).

GPS has the goal of making podcasting easy and affordable.  GPS offers a full range of podcasting services, including studio rental, professional audio engineering, editing, jingle production, recording ebooks, and more. 










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